It’s live in the Mac App Store!  Check it out:  Console Calculator for OS X Console Calculator is a powerful calculator with a simple console interface. In addition to being a high-precision calculator (300+ bits of precision), it also supports base conversion, units conversion, and much more. The interface is convenient and easy to use. […]

Rolling in a few more updates from the OS X version into the Windows version. Tab-completion of functions. Function calls are now case-insensitive. When displaying binary numbers, a space between 4 character groups. Added teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, and gallons to unit converter. (2011-08-23)

Trying to decide which icon to go with for OS X.  Originally, I was planning on a “retro” pixelated icon, from the Windows release.  However, a user submitted a “shiny” update to the icon.  I think both icons look pretty cool.  Which should I use? Retro Shiny If you haven’t downloaded the mac version yet, […]