The user interface for Console Calculator on Windows is really showing it’s age.  More recent software supports toolbar icons with more than 16-colors, and other updated chrome.  I’m recently using Visual Studio Pro 2005, which does not support the updated toolbar look and user interface.  Visual Studio 2008 and newer does support it, but I’m not inclined to drop $100’s for this feature alone.  CCalc doesn’t bring in that kind of money :-/  Unfortunately, I locked myself into using Visual Studio Pro (by using MFC), so the best way forward is not clear to me… I could try rewriting CCalc to avoid using MFC so I can use VS Express, but I expect that to be a significant effort.

Any developers out there who wants to trade a few CCalc licenses for VS Pro 2008 or newer?  Let’s be honest, 2008 is already pretty old, I’ll bet someone out there already has a license sitting on the shelf.  Ping me!

  1. Chesster Fritz on Sunday 10, 2013

    You can get a free, fully functional copy of visual studio 2008 professional through the Microsoft dreamspark program:

    I hope it helps you as much as your calculator has helped me. 🙂
    Best Regards,
    Chesster Fritz

  2. Saldatoccio on Sunday 10, 2013

    Likely you already updated to Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, it’s VS 2015 Professional but free for team up to 5 developers.