An update to Console Calculator for Windows is now available.

  • Binary numbers now supports fractional bits (input only), e.g. 0b101.11 = 5.75
  • Fixed some typos in preferences (finally?)
  • Fixed minor unit conversion error.
  • Fixed overflow error with large factorial input.
  • Updated manual.
  • (2013-09-26)

  1. Berndt Barkholz on Thursday 26, 2013

    This is a very good calculator Scott… I am independent physical researcher (retired) and it fulfills all my needs for accurate scientific calculation with many specifiable variables and documentation of the work done. Thank you for a good product !

  2. Peter Frey on Thursday 26, 2013

    Thanks a bunch for adding these features! This calculator is awesome! I’m a little surprised you fixed the factorial thing. I only found it when I was trying to break it… 🙂

    If you could add fractional binary output, it would literally be everything I would ever want in a calculator. I promise. 🙂

    If you ever stop supporting this, please consider making it open source. This is a great utility, and it would be a real shame to lose it to antiquity.

    Thanks again!

  3. Morcos Mikhail on Thursday 26, 2013

    Hey Scott,
    I am not using the traditional desktop calculator for the last ten years of my career because of your calculator. Keep up the good work!

  4. alan on Thursday 26, 2013

    So does anybody read this anymore? I’d be happy to purchase a copy of this app if you would offer a function to display separately calculated values, ie:

    > disp(3,3^3)

    3, 27

  5. Hays Clark on Thursday 26, 2013

    Looks like the OSX version is not available in the US store. Would be awesome if CCalc could return to OSX.

  6. alan on Thursday 26, 2013

    too bad this doesn’t get updated any longer. it was and still is pretty useful but I so badly wish it would default to subtracting from the previous answer rather than requiring two minus signs for that.