I’m getting ready to submit a fully-featured, brand-new CCalc to the Mac App Store. I’d like to solicit people to give it a spin, and report and problems or suggestions. For being my first significant project using Xcode and Objective-C, I think I managed to polish it up quite nicely. It should run on any […]

This one has been a long time coming, since I’ve been focused on other things, including an OS X version. Auto-eval status bar is cleared when syntax contains an error. “echo” command now capable of inserting blank lines. “del all” command now clears all stored variables. Re-factored some code (yay!). Minor bug fixes. (2011-07-10)

Improved Replacement for Finder The Finder has long been one of my least favorite aspects of OS X.  Seems like the Finder has been an afterthought for Apple, and it has grown long in the tooth, missing handy features that have been standard on other OSes for a while.  I’ve searched for Finder replacements and […]

TextMate was a good start, but had several quirks and usability issues that grated on me.  Maybe it is because I am used to editors on Windows.  My favorite editor on the Windows side has been Sublime Text for some time now.  I’ve been keeping up with the latest betas, and now a public alpha […]

I like WordPress alright.  I’ve developed a few WordPress plugins for my personal use, and perhaps they are of interest to others. EZ Dashboard Admin  [ Download ] Creates a panel in the administrator dashboard with links to common admin pages.   WP Admin Cleanup [ Download ] The wordpress admin user interface seems to take two steps forward […]

I sometimes get requests to add functions to Console Calculator.  I have many functions built-in to CCalc, but of course many more could be imagined.  Therefor, I made it possible to define your own functions.  I previously posted a short list of a few useful functions one might define:  Useful Console Calculator functions. I received […]

Set Time Machine’s Backup Interval Time Machine will attempt to backup once per hour.  As with many things in OS X, a preference to change the time between backups exists, but Apple doesn’t make such options available in the preference panel.  Terminal to the rescue.  Command below takes number of seconds, so one week between […]

I recently had my hard drive crash and figured it is time to set up a proper system backup. I decided to get an NAS device to use for file sharing and backup using OS X Time Machine software. I bought a 1 TB LinkStation Mini, which has dual-drives, capable of RAID 0 or RAID […]

The Zoesoft website was unavailable for a few weeks (including the website for CCalc registrations). I apologize. There was a misunderstanding with my domain name registry. Problem has been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Added some tweaks for better Wine compatibility. Cleaned up menu items a bit. Financial mode automatically chooses appropriate significant figures. (2010-07-05)