• New feature: Financial display mode option (never uses SCI notation).
  • New feature: Change display base and degree mode in bottom status bar.
  • Fixed launch problem on certain systems, “This application has failed to start…”
  • (2010-01-16)

  1. SluSh on Saturday 16, 2010

    this app is the best cal in the world.

    thanks to you for this app.

  2. Klaus Daube on Saturday 16, 2010

    CCalc is my first choice for the idea of a FrameScript package to perform calculations in FrameMaker.

    It would be nice to be able to define variables which start with a special character, namely @ and #. The purpose would be to distinguish ordinary user variables (vat_total, tax), private constants (#vatrate) and constants of the package (@num_days). It is already possible to use the underscore to make names more clear, eg: vat_rate = 6.75

    Another helpful extension to support my plans would be to have more runtime-parameters:
    /c Input is in clipboard and result will be in clipboard also.
    If input consists of more than one line (separated by ; ) the output ‹window› will be cleared beforehand.
    /snn Number of significant figures on output
    /mmode Mode of operation. mode can be rad or deg
    /bnn Display base. nn may be 02, 10 or 16.
    /dscimode Equivalent to the directive scimode
    /h Clear the history
    /enn Output is (from now on) in scientific notation with nn significant figures. For example, with nn = 7 pi would be reported as 3.141593, but pi/100 would be reported as 3.141593e-2. This would be an alternative to the /snn switch. The /snn switch generates unnormalised numbers, wheras the /enn switch generates normalised figures.

  3. Hawk on Saturday 16, 2010

    This equation: 4.294,967,296/(1.024×1.024), return this error message: ** ERROR 7: invalid term = 4.294,967,296 **. Why?
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

  4. CCalc on Saturday 16, 2010

    Can’t use commas after the decimal, only before. Sorry. Also, the ‘x’ will not work… you must use ‘*’ to multiply.

  5. Hawk on Saturday 16, 2010

    Thanks man, works perfectly now. Your program is the best, imho.


  6. zyklopen on Saturday 16, 2010

    Binary mode is sometimes hard to read, particularly if you have a large number of digits.
    How about optionally outlining binaries in groups of 8 digits, such as
    0b 01010101 11001100 11110000 00001111

    Anyway, thanks Scott, ccalc is a great tool!


  7. Isen on Saturday 16, 2010

    Is ccalc opensource? I don’t like closed project.

  8. CCalc on Saturday 16, 2010

    Not open source. Thanks for your interest.

  9. Valeri on Saturday 16, 2010

    Awesome calc! Always dreamed of exactly this kind of calc. Very usefull function “reassign calc application key”! Good job! THE BEST calculator in the internet. I took me a few month to find this tool among many useless calculators.
    Are you planning to develop this project further?

  10. otoburb on Saturday 16, 2010

    Thank you so much. Perfect for my needs. Should be listed as one of the PowerTools.