New feature: Financial display mode option (never uses SCI notation). New feature: Change display base and degree mode in bottom status bar. Fixed launch problem on certain systems, “This application has failed to start…” (2010-01-16)

Periodically I get requests to release CCalc for Mac OS X. Also for Unix, but I don’t have any experience with GUI development in Unix, and I’ve heard that CCalc runs fairly well under Wine anyway. Years ago I began experimenting with OS X development for Console Calculator, as I use OS X personally. To […]

New feature: Display option to never use SCI notation. New feature: Comparison operators supported: <, <=, >, >=, ==, != New feature: Logical AND and OR (C-type) operators supported: &&, || Bug fixed: occasional loss of saved functions and variables. Bug fixed: occasional memory leak. Several other interface tweaks and improvements. (2010-01-02)