I’m getting ready to submit a fully-featured, brand-new CCalc to the Mac App Store. I’d like to solicit people to give it a spin, and report and problems or suggestions. For being my first significant project using Xcode and Objective-C, I think I managed to polish it up quite nicely. It should run on any Intel Mac, OS 10.4 or newer.

Link to download here: CCalc OS X Beta


UPDATE:  Now available in the Mac App Store –> Console Calculator

CCalc for OS X

This one has been a long time coming, since I’ve been focused on other things, including an OS X version.
  • Auto-eval status bar is cleared when syntax contains an error.
  • “echo” command now capable of inserting blank lines.
  • “del all” command now clears all stored variables.
  • Re-factored some code (yay!).
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • (2011-07-10)

Improved Replacement for Finder

The Finder has long been one of my least favorite aspects of OS X.  Seems like the Finder has been an afterthought for Apple, and it has grown long in the tooth, missing handy features that have been standard on other OSes for a while.  I’ve searched for Finder replacements and improvements many times, and tried a few.  PathFinder and XFolders have lots of features, but didn’t seem to fit in.

TotalFinder = What OS X Finder Should Be

I finally found what I’ve been looking for.  For some reason, google did not help me find it.  I was tipped off to binaryage’s Visor by a developer friend, and stumbled upon TotalFinder while on their website.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  First of all, TotalFinder is a Finder plugin, not a separate app, so it integrates perfectly with the rest of OS X.  Then it adds tabs.  And folders on top.  And cut and paste to move or copy files!  So nice.

TotalFinder Features / Improvements to OS X Finder

  1. Tabbed browsing
  2. Easy show/hide system files
  3. Side-by-side views
  4. Folders on top (option) in list view
  5. Cut & paste.  No more drag & spring-load open folders & drop.
  6. Asepsis.  What?  They properly fixed the Finder’s .DS_Store litter bug?

Asepsis: Disable Finder’s .DS_Store Litter

As an added bonus, I found out that TotalFinder is able to fix OS X Finder behavior that has bothered me for years, and I have never known how to fix.  With the Asepsis option enabled, TotalFinder redirects all the .DS_Store information to a dedicated user folder, rather than dropping these invisible files in every folder you touch.  Anyone who shares files cross-platform knows these files are annoying to see.  The .DS_Store folder basically contains OS X specific viewing preferences, like window sort order, icon view, etc.  TotalFinder does what the Finder should have done all along — store this data in a user directory.  This way, users can have their own view preferences for each folder, and network drives, cross-platform drives, and zip files don’t get polluted.  Read more details about this feature.

You have to check out this improved OS X Finder!

TextMate was a good start, but had several quirks and usability issues that grated on me.  Maybe it is because I am used to editors on Windows.  My favorite editor on the Windows side has been Sublime Text for some time now.  I’ve been keeping up with the latest betas, and now a public alpha version of Sublime Text 2 has been released.  I forget, it alpha pre-beta, or is beta pre-alpha?  Anyway, it is here and is very full featured.  Oh, and did I mention it is now cross platform?  Versions for OS X, Linux, and Windows.  Yeah!

Sublime Text 2 alpha for OS X

I think it will give TextMate a run for it’s money.  Love this editor.  And if you are a developer, you can customize it with plugins.

Check out Sublime Text 2.

Kod for OS X

Another interesting text editor is Kod.  In case you were wondering, “kod” is the Swedish word for “code”.  Again, a programmer’s editor.  I haven’t spent too much time with it, since I am using Sublime Text mostly.  On the face of it, it looks very similar to Sublime Text, but under the hood I guess they could not be more different. Kod is based on open source platforms, and Google Chrome in particular.  It’s not a web app, but the Kod is based on a web browser and web technologies, like javascript, CSS.  Sublime Text is mostly based on Python.  Another difference is that Kod is open source, while Sublime Text is likely to cost $59 when ready.  The Kod project is currently at version 0.0.3 (pre-alpha?  gamma?), so version 1.0 seems a long way off, still something to keep an eye on!

Check out Kod.

I like WordPress alright.  I’ve developed a few WordPress plugins for my personal use, and perhaps they are of interest to others.

EZ Dashboard Admin  [ Download ]

Creates a panel in the administrator dashboard with links to common admin pages.


WP Admin Cleanup [ Download ]

The wordpress admin user interface seems to take two steps forward and two steps back.  This plugin “cleans up” the user interface a bit, simplifying plugin and theme management.  Uses CSS only.


Other Plugins I Like

PageMashOzh’ Admin Drop Down MenuTinyMCE AdvancedWP-PageNavi