Added some tweaks for better Wine compatibility. Cleaned up menu items a bit. Financial mode automatically chooses appropriate significant figures. (2010-07-05)

Did you know you can use CCalc to derive pi?  Of course CCalc already includes the variable “pi” which is accurate to 100+ decimal places, but what fun is there in that?  We will use the infinite series discovered by 14th century mathematician and astronomer Madhava of Sangamagrama.  The first series does not converge very […]

I was motivated recently to get one of my favorite softwares, Sublime Text, running on OS X using Wine, which can run many Windows programs on other platforms, such as Linux or OS X. I became aware of Wine Bottler, which makes it super easy get Wine running on OS X. I decided to try […]

I’ve just posted an update to the OS X version of CCalc. I’ve added a menu to access settings for display base and degree / radians mode. The OS X version is still nowhere near as feature-complete as the Windows version, but it is certainly quite functional. Probably the next feature I will add is […]

New feature: Financial display mode option (never uses SCI notation). New feature: Change display base and degree mode in bottom status bar. Fixed launch problem on certain systems, “This application has failed to start…” (2010-01-16)

Periodically I get requests to release CCalc for Mac OS X. Also for Unix, but I don’t have any experience with GUI development in Unix, and I’ve heard that CCalc runs fairly well under Wine anyway. Years ago I began experimenting with OS X development for Console Calculator, as I use OS X personally. To […]

New feature: Display option to never use SCI notation. New feature: Comparison operators supported: <, <=, >, >=, ==, != New feature: Logical AND and OR (C-type) operators supported: &&, || Bug fixed: occasional loss of saved functions and variables. Bug fixed: occasional memory leak. Several other interface tweaks and improvements. (2010-01-02)

A common request I get for Console Calculator is support for a bitwise NOT operator (the ~ symbol in many programming languages).  The reason I have not yet implemented this is that CCalc has a very large intrinsic bit width (200+ bits).  A proper NOT operator cannot ignore leading zeros, so how many bits should […]

New feature: Display option using SI-Unit prefixes. New feature: Command history matching. USB thumbdrive friendly. Replaced windows registry with INI file. Minor bug fixes. (2008-08-28)

New feature: Added ’round(x)’ function Underscore character now permitted in variable names. Initial minus sign now generates “ans-” similat to +, *, /, etc. (2008-06-15)