Fixed bug with scientific display, introduced in v2.2.1. (2007-06-13)

New Feature: Engineering notation display. New Feature: Now accepts/ignores thousand separators (such as a comma). (2007-05-17)

New Feature: Choice between multiple instances or single instance of CCalc.exe. New Feature: Optional reassignment of calculator appkey on certain keyboards. Minor bug fixes related to custom functions. (2007-03-17)

New Feature: pressing ‘enter’ on a blank line will repeat the last calculation, if it started with ‘ans’. Minor bug fixes. (2006-08-20)

Fixed bug with HEX 0×0. New Feature: Improved options for display, including more control over scientific notation and thousands separator. Additional commands added for better scripting ability. Snap-to screen edge is now optional. (2006-05-13)

New Feature: create custom units for conversion New Feature: 10-key calculator option (2006-03-31)

Fixed a minor bug when displaying negative floating point values in hex. Added additional command line options. Added option for two’s compliment notation in hex and binary. (2006-03-04)

Fixed the (last?) of the european delimiter bugs (2005-12-07)

Fixed a bug that confused hex notation ending in ‘E’ with exponent notation. (2005-11-02)

Fixed a bug when rounding from 0.99999… to 1. Added “clear” command to clear screen text. (2005-09-27)