New feature: Display option to never use SCI notation. New feature: Comparison operators supported: <, <=, >, >=, ==, != New feature: Logical AND and OR (C-type) operators supported: &&, || Bug fixed: occasional loss of saved functions and variables. Bug fixed: occasional memory leak. Several other interface tweaks and improvements. (2010-01-02)

New feature: Display option using SI-Unit prefixes. New feature: Command history matching. USB thumbdrive friendly. Replaced windows registry with INI file. Minor bug fixes. (2008-08-28)

New feature: Added ’round(x)’ function Underscore character now permitted in variable names. Initial minus sign now generates “ans-” similat to +, *, /, etc. (2008-06-15)

Minor bug fixes. (2008-05-31)

Minor bug fixes, aesthetic improvements. (2008-04-16)

New Feature: ‘echo’ command, to print text to screen. New Feature: ‘disp’ command, to print variable name and value. New Feature: ‘cls’ command, clears screen just like the ‘clear’ command. Changed behavior of Vars menu: now inserts a variable name at cursor position. Changed behavior of ESC key: now clears input line, then minimizes on […]

Increased floating point accuracy of all calculator functions to 100 decimal digits of precision, or 350 bits. Other minor bug fixes. (2007-11-28)

Increased precision accuracy of logarithm and exponent. Improved error reporting for function domain errors. (Imaginary results, etc) Pressing ‘enter’ on a blank line will repeat the last calculation, if it contained ‘ans’ or ‘=’ assignment. Fixed bug where abs(xx) function would overwrite value of ‘xx’ variable. (2007-08-28)

Increased memory buffer size for custom functions. (2007-08-17)

Fixed bug with hexadecimal conversion (sometimes displayed as floating point). (2007-06-22)