Fixed a bug when defining a custom function and using spaces (2005-09-15)

Fixed some quirks with unit conversion and high precision Fixed problem with european delimiters and functions Added “week” time unit to conversion list (2005-09-03)

Fixed program crash related to unit conversion, factorial Fixed problem with european delimiters and functions Fixed background color of the always-on-top pin (2005-08-18)

New Feature: Precision up to 80 significant figures! New Feature: Commands added for deleting variables, changing options, etc. New Feature: Command history is remembered between sessions. Fixed bug with font color selection (bug introduced in 1.8b). Fixed problems with multiple displays. (2005-08-02)

New Feature: Unit Conversion! See manual. New Feature: Ctrl-C will copy recent result if no text is selected. New Feature: Ctrl-. and Ctrl-, commands to set european decimal. Text in windows now automatically word wraps. Modulo (%) behavior changed to integer modulo. Fixed error with nested parenthesis in functions. Fixed “Home” key behavior. Fixed error […]

New Feature: Support for european-style decimal delimiter (comma instead of period) New Feature: Auto-evaluate while you type (2005-02-18)

New Feature: Minimize to system tray option. New Feature: support for custom defined functions as well as variables. New Feature: Stay-on-top option and snap-to-edges for calculator window positioning. New Feature: Two’s compliment for negative binary and hexadecimal numbers New Feature: Window transparency option New Feature: Base conversion between decimal, hex, and binary Changed prompt character […]